Paul Feig, currently juggling the Ghostbusters haters, is no stranger to the dark side of fandom.

As if Paul Feig didn’t already have enough on his plate, with Ghostbusters fans and non-fans alike pre-emptively condemning his all-female reboot, he now also has to clarify a quote taken out of context by the New York Daily News.

Via The Mary Sue, the publication quoted Feig as saying, “Geek culture is home to some of the biggest a**holes I’ve ever met in my life, especially after being attacked by them for months because of this Ghostbusters project.”

Paul Feig has come forward to state that these quotes were actually taken from a 2015 interview – in other words, they’re not a response to the recent slew of hate he’s faced following the release of the Ghostbusters trailer.

Rather, says Feig, “I am talking about those that write misogyny and hate and threats.”

Clearly, the loud minority’s responses to the Ghostbusters reboot have been absurdly negative and vicious, and so far, Paul Feig has handled them with nothing but grace.

It is important to reiterate that Paul Feig isn’t slamming those with genuine concerns, but rather those that dismiss the Ghostbusters reboot out of turn simply because the lead characters are women, or viciously tear it down under the guise that they don’t like reboots.

So let’s follow Paul Feig’s example and use fandom for the power of good, not evil.

‘Ghostbusters’ hits theaters on July 15, 2016.

Sebastian Stan