Fans of Chris Cornell are mourning the loss of the Soundgarden frontman after he died unexpectedly in Detroit on Wednesday night, aged 52.

One of Cornell’s earliest hits alongside other early Soundgarden’s classics such as Jesus Christ Pose and Rusty Cage.

Arguably Soundgarden’s most recognizable song, its comment section on any social media is overfilled with tributes to Cornell.

“You Know My Name” from Carry On. In one fell swoop, Chris Cornell relaunched his solo career and the James Bond movie franchise with “You Know My Name.” It defied the conventions of the more cherished Bond songs-a speedy number with a male rockstar and a title not matching that of the movie-but Daniel Craig’s first charismatic outing as 007 fits the song like a glove or a bulletholed Tom Ford suit.

Chris Cornell’s contribution to the Machine Gun Preacher soundtrack earned him a Golden Globe nomination and gave him an acoustic mainstay in his concert setlist.

After the exodus of grunge and the Seattle scene from the U.S. zeitgeist, Cornell released his first solo record.

True fans would have heard Cornell’s recording of the song in French-a bonus on the album’s deluxe version.

Hunger Strike-a duet with Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder and personnel from both Cornell and Vedder’s bands on guitar, bass and drums is for many, the record’s crowning glory-a great send-off to a musical talent, sadly missed.

Scott Weiland