We’ve already seen a few internet and cinema trailers ahead of the release of Columbia Pictures’ Sausage Party, and now we’ve had the unveiling of the movie’s first TV spot.

As expected, the clip features some of the same footage, such as Seth Rogen’s Frank and Kristen Wiig’s Brenda making gooey eyes at each other after being put into an oblivious shopper’s trolley and a perky Irish potato being peeled alive, but it also debuts some new snippets too.

More from IBTimes UK. Directed by Thomas & Friends’ Greg Tiernan and Shrek 2’s Conrad Vernon, the film follows Frank who, along with his some other savoury friends, embarks on a journey to “Discover the truth about his existence”.

Just like in previous videos, the recently released clip shows how Frank must try to save his buddies and other fellow foods that have been purchased by a woman at the supermarket before they meet a grisly fate of being sliced, diced and boiled.

Viewers can also see more horror in the form of a bowl of nachos covered in cheese being microwaved, a war-torn banana’s face falling off, a tomato being chopped in half and Frank dodging a bunch of falling sharp knives.

The humour’s still at the forefront and t’s a sweeping camera shot of our foody-heroes holding up their weapons to fight against their foes that should seem familiar to fans of The Avengers.

The screenplay has been written by comedy writers Evan Goldberg, The Night Before’s Ariel Shaffir and Kyle Hunter as well as Rogen himself.

On top of that, multiple Oscar-winner Alan Menken, the composer behind the musical scores of films such as Beauty And The Beast and Pocahontas, has been brought on board to create the movie’s music.

The movie is currently scheduled to open in US cinemas on 12 August 2016 and UK cinemas on 2 September.

Sausage Party