The preview begins with Game of Thrones actress Clarke, who plays the odd-but-warm Louisa Clark.

The struggling Brit, who can’t seem to hold a job, eventually lands a position as caretaker to a paralyzed man named Will Traynor.

Will was once a high-powered career man who took risks in life until he was involved in a tragic crash that left him disabled.

He’s incredibly sharp – and understandably bitter about his condition – and it’s up to Louisa to soften him, and ultimately, talk him out of committing assisted suicide within six months’ time.

“He hates me. Every time he looks at me, he looks at me like I’m stupid,” she complains in one scene.

That hatred eventually evolves into friendship and the two form a close bond.

Cue Ed Sheeran’s tear-jerking tune “Photograph,” which is played during an emotional sequence that shows the two leads falling in love.

Sam Claflin