It’s Psylocke vs. Deadpool! Olivia Munn already said her character in X-Men: Apocalypse would beat Wolverine in a match-up, but it seems like she’d also best the merc with the mouth.

In a new video posted to her Instagram account, Munn showed off her ambidextrous sword skills in front of Ryan Reynolds before striking a fierce pose.

Both actors are making their debut in Fox’s X-Men cinematic universe of films.

This month will see Reynolds headlining Deadpool when the film opens this Friday, while Munn will unveil her Psylocke skills in Apocalypse, out May 27.

During a recent Twitter Q&A, Munn detailed her exhaustive training regime before filming a fight scene over the course of two weeks.

“I worked for many months training and I did, like, 6-7 hours a day of sword and taekwondo training, and stunt training and wire training,” she said.

Ryan Reynolds