Some time in late 2007, a 1989 Mercedes 420 SEC was shipped from Amsterdam to the USA. At the same time, an envelope containing an X-ray was sent the other way.

A few weeks earlier, he’d made a deal with the owner of the X-ray, Jackass star Ryan Dunn.

Desperate to keep the shadow photograph of a stuntman’s rectum, the lawyer then offered Dunn a DAF 46 – a Dutch car that one can drive backwards as fast as forwards.

I met Bourdrez to ask why he traded two cars for the X-ray of someone’s arse.

When I watched Jackass: The Movie, I thought: “I got to have this X-ray.” As a lawyer, I specialise in copyright law and Dunn’s X-ray is also a unique piece in that light.

What is the stupidest stunt you ever pulled yourself? When I was younger, I used to tie my rollerblades or my mountain bike at the back of cars on the streets of Amsterdam and New York.

I found that very funny, because the story began with a German sports car, and this way it would end with a German sports car too! A good story is worth a lot more than money.

Ryan Dunn