Rotimi responds to rumors that he is the father of Erica Dixon’s twins. The television personality Erica Dixon has yet to reveal the father of her twins, and in fact the Internet has gone crazy with a list of possible artists and actors who could be the father of the baby. Rotimi was a man who kept appearing on people’s radar, with a decent number of people thinking he would soon assume parental responsibilities at Dixon. Dixon says exactly the same thing and responds to some of his fans who have “false information” about Rotimi’s involvement in their lives. In a post dated March 23, Rotimi responded to a fan in his comments that he was not the father of the Erica babies. The actor has created a pretty impressive resume in recent years and has been said to have also started building his family. Rotimi is one of Power’s most famous stars. Rotimi is NOT the father. All this raises the question.