In the fifth and final round Tate managed to grab hold of Holm, spin to her back, and then lock in a rear-naked choke for the finish.

Like Holm, Shevchenko is an accomplished striker, though her background lies in kickboxing and traditional Muay Thai rather than a mixture of boxing and more traditional martial arts techniques.

Shevchenko is a counterpuncher by nature who sits back and relies on her opponent to lead the dance, while Holm is more effective when her opponent comes after her than she is moving forward.

Controlling the range allows Holm to pick and choose the terms under which she and her opponent engage.

That’s w Holm is most comfortable, and it’s w the sequence both began and ended.

Sensing the cage behind her, Holm plants her feet and slams a straight left into Rousey’s face, and then immediately circles out into open space once again.

Holm’s command of distance and three-inch height advantage will likewise make things difficult for Shevchenko: Holm’s front and side kicks can land at a range w Shevchenko can’t hit her back.

Perhaps Holm and Shevchenko will fight against type, pick up the pace, and put on a donnybrook for the ages.

Ronda Rousey