He took the media to task for the ways we fail when covering sexual assault.

He also made it clear why it is imperative that men speak up in support of sexual assault survivors.

As Ronan pointed out, reporters often fail to ask the tough questions of the celebrity men involved in these “Scandals,” which effectively gives these men power over the narratives of the alleged assaults.

T are many reasons women feel hesitant to come forward with allegations of sexual assault – fear of retribution, fear of being called a liar or a slut, and an understandable concern that even if they seek justice they may end up without it.

It doesn’t matter that men are more likely to be victims of sexual assault than to be falsely accused of committing it, and that writing an essay about your trauma is a terrible get-rich-quick scheme, and that sexual assault is one of the most underreported crimes.

Given how hostile our society is towards women who come forward with allegations of rape and assault, t is a real need for vocal, supportive male voices – voices that don’t overshadow survivors, but force us all to really, truly listen to them.

Ronan Farrow