As many predict, Roddy talks about the quality of his art, so his next finished work will come in time to become one of the greatest works ever assembled by a sound engineer. In the other part of the conversation, Roddy talks about what kind of music he has personally heard and reminds us of how his forty years changed the way his music was created. With his hit single “The Box” and his poem in “ROCKSTAR” by DaBaby, Roddy dominated the Billboard charts in 2020. Born in Compton, the rapper paid attention to him with his first official studio album “Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial”. Rich wants his next album to be conceptual, hoping that he can further strengthen his heritage as an exceptional creative force. Roddy Rich intends to become one of the most influential artists of the next generation. The next album will be a masterpiece to be realized. It’s a truly comprehensive work,” he added. “It’s not really a question of whether to finish it or not,” he added. Can you present the new album? Yes. Can I? No,” said the 21-year-old artist in his new GQ interview. He says it’s a show we’ll have to get used to in the next few years. It’s a real idea.

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