In Piper’s 2006 DVD Born to Controversy, Piper said he had to keep Mr. T busy to cover for his lack of wrestling ability.

Mr. T defeated Piper in a boxing match after Piper was disqualified for slamming Mr. T. After taking a leave of absence, Piper returned to the WWF in August 1986, but it was a different WWF from the one he left.

The beef, one in which Piper was assaulted three-on-one by Adonis, Orton, and Don Muraco, turned Piper face.

Piper returned to the WWF at Wrestlemania V in 1989 for a live Piper’s Pit with talk show host Morton Downey, Jr. That segment was best remembered for Piper hosing down Downey with a fire extinguisher.

Piper would take yet another leave of absence, but would return as a guest referee for the Bob Backlund-Bret Hart I Quit match at Wrestlemania XI. In early 1996, Piper was named the on-screen interim WWF President.

Piper and Hogan split a pair of bouts late in 1996 and early 1997; Piper defeated Hogan with the sleeper hold at Starrcade in a non-title match, but Hogan would defeat Piper with the title on the line at Superbrawl VII. Piper and Flair would join forces against the New World Order in the spring of 1997 before feuding with one another.

Piper’s last WWE match came in June 2011 when Piper won $5,000 from The Miz when he defeated him on RAW. Piper would have sporadic Piper’s Pit segments over the next few years, including with John Cena in November 2011, Daniel Bryan and AJ Lee in April 2012, The Shield in January 2014, and with some of the participants in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal just before Wrestlemania XXX. At that event, Piper buried the hatchet with Paul Orndorff, Hulk Hogan, and Mr. T, the four men who fought in the first Wrestlemania main event.

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