Because Cam Newton is black and Rob Lowe is white, Lowe was almost immediately called a racist and falsely called a “Child rapist.”

Hi I’m Rob Lowe and I’m a conservative, overrated actor.

I have Direct TV. And I’m child rapist Rob Lowe and I say racist things on Twitter.

The more serious – and incorrect – charge of statutory rape relates to an incident back in the 1980s when Rob Lowe was part of Hollywood’s Brat Pack.

Take the Daily Beast article that conveniently goes after Lowe for the Newton tweet but memory-holed two facts about Rob Lowe: his starring role in the loved-by-liberals NBC-TV series The West Wing that came after the scandal, but more importantly, the Beast pretends that Lowe’s current political apostasy isn’t a factor in the assault on Lowe’s character.

Now Lowe, who also apparently enjoys hobnobbing at New Orleans Saints games with the hatemonger-stars of Duck Dynasty, was immediately taken to task by many on Twitter for insinuating that Newton was a bad example to kids.

Rob Lowe’s twitter timeline is filled with examples of his commonsense views that rub against the progressive orthodoxy of the mainstream media and Hollywood.

After Islamist terrorists attacked Paris and killed 126 people, Rob Lowe made a few commonsense tweet about France’s porous borders.

Rob Lowe