So we want to know what your favourite Roald Dahl book is and if you are doing anything at school today to celebrate?

We all love Roald Dahl and are currently reading the classic Matilda but, after a class vote we decided that the BFG was our overall favourite Roald Dahl book.

My favourite Roald Dahl book is Charlie And The Chocolate Factory because it has lovely pictures in the book that I love.

We are celebrating Roald Dahl day at our school and everyone is dressed up as their favourite character! We love Roald Dahl’s stories and have shared our favourites today.

We are learning about the splendiferous author, Roald Dahl today! We really enjoyed watching the Newsround video clip ‘Who was Roald Dahl and how did he write his books?’ As a class, we voted Matilda as our favourite Dahl book! Charlie and the Chocolate factory was a close second.

My favourite Roald Dahl book is Fantastic Mr Fox and my favourite character is boggis.

Roald Dahl