OAKLAND – Rihanna’s unabashed cheering for Cleveland didn’t cause her to lose any fans in Golden State’s locker room because they weren’t playing her music to begin with.

The pop star’s courtside theatrics in Game 1 achieved viral buzz because, in part, she got the attention of Kevin Durant, who stared down the heckling Rihanna after burying a jumper.

Apparently Rihanna is a longtime fan of LeBron James and was vocal in her support despite the game being in Golden State.

“Hopefully t are more Warriors than Cavs fans at home, but you deal with it.”

LeBron James isn’t ready to crown the Warriors as the best team he’s ever faced.

James had previously dubbed the Spurs as his greatest foe after the Heat fell to them in five games during the 2014 NBA Finals.

The Warriors are still undefeated in the playoffs heading into Sunday’s Game 2.