Now they have actually got problems: Katy Perry has waded into the Twitter spat between Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift – and brought Rihanna too.

The omission of Minaj’s hit Anaconda from the video of the entire year class prompted her to tweet about perceived racial bias against women in the music business.

“If your video fete girls with very slim bodies, you’ll be nominated for vid of the entire year.”

Swift read Minaj’s opinions as a subtweet aimed at her – and fairly so, given that she’s the sole white woman to be nominated in the video of the entire year category, and the clip for her star-studded single Bad Blood includes a veritable runway’s worth of Victoria’s Secret models.

Afterward Perry suggested that “The real travesty” of the VMA nominations was that Rihanna’s controversial video for Bitch Better Have My Cash was overlooked.

who’ll be next? Will it be Beyonce – The sole black woman to be nominated using a clip that resembles it had been shot on an iPhone in about 20 minutes, in the video of the year category?