Rihanna listened loudly and clearly to the Navy’s constant calls for “their” ninth studio album, nicknamed R9 and said to Entertainment Tonight in a video interview before the release party: “When I’m ready to release it the way I want it to be released. It’s worth it. “But she understood well the desire of her fans to immediately enjoy the paparazzi she incident during the recording of her last studio album by ANTI in 2016. But looking back, RiRi celebrated the 15th anniversary of her first single “Pon De Replay” and 10th anniversary of “What’s My Name” with Drake and “Love The Way You Lie” with Eminem. It was my first day in the studio, my first day that seemed to be still in the discovery phase, right? I remembered her in my interview with Access Hollywood. The 32-year-old tycoon said she hadn’t had the luxury to release an album for three months, as she had done before because of her other exciting projects. It might be sooner than my fans think, but I’ll let it go, I have enough stress and questions and “R9, w’s the album? “He” continues: “Music is always my first love, so I can’t wait to release something that I’m very proud of and looking forward to. Rihanna arrives for the 2019 Fashion Awards at the Royal Albert Hall in December: “And the paparazzi grabbed me when I walked into the studio. Then they thought my album would be released this week. “That’s what I think! But I’m also very grateful that I’m still and I can keep doing other things. But RiRi didn’t neglect his firstborn, the music. “I love making music, so I never disdained it.

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