It is a show of an artist who puts his “heart” and soul in his art and at the same time shows that he has much more in the tank that he is full of energy and is as charismatic as “she”. Misinformed, it is the warmth of rhythms, the he work ethic is truly phenomenal, and he creates the perfect soundscape for GeeBag bars. Get all 37 Revorg Records releases available on Bandcamp and save 10%. One9Ate7 is fun, it’s smart, it can be deep and full of soul, that’s what a hip-hop album should be. These discs come in a digital package with a spine and a plastic tray containing the disc. Chinese whisper on your leg. The face painted on the leg. Speak slowly on the leg. Destroy Ft. Full Gee Bag Album, released entirely Illinformed. Cube Box and Alan Braufman as guests and a deep dive into the coolest sounds.

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