Trevor Justin was born in Iowa and has laid a solid foundation in the entire music industry. He decided to continue his “career” in the music industry, and she began her training with Valerie Morehouse and Dean Shepherd at Morehouse Vocal Studio in Studio City, California. Music Crowns is a global platform for opening up music artists, a place w the world’s best unsigned, independent and newly signed music artists go. He writes for media such as Music Mayhem Magazine, Mic’d Magazine and Country Sway, and his passion for promoting new and recognized talents is second to none. With new music on the horizon, Rayana Regan will not give up in the near future. Pop artist is versatile and has extensive experience in the entertainment and music industry. “He and I have never had a good relationship, mainly because ofhis’ alcoholism, and this song was written at the time whenhe’ went t to heal me and say some things that I didn’t say,” Ryan explains. Whileshe’ is preparing for another single and EP,she’ continues to tell deep, personal stories throughher’ music. Rayana has added modeling talent of actors to her her and signed contracts with leading agencies such as Wilhelmina, Next and MGM. Born in Golden State, California, Ryan grew up with her mother, who was a model, and her father, who was a photographer. Singer/songwriter Rayana Ragan sees the world with her as she travels her own path to success. Rayana’s musical talent also began very early when she played the trombone for two years in a school jazz band. Is it Friday? Do you want new music? Well, we have it for you. Rayana recently released her single “Rock Bottom”, written on her grandfather. It was this deep love to attract artists that led her to found her advertising company Perkins Publicity, which has great talent in all genres. She began her “own” career in the industry as a child, spending her days on stage and behind the scenes of fashion shows.

Rayana Ragan Prepares