if you want a sense of just how fast this world is moving, consider that 14-year-old matt ox is already on the second go-round of his career, and his management team is already trying to learn from its mistakes matt ox broke out in 2017 with “overwhelming,” a candied-out little song with a video that prominently featured fidget spinners just as they were becoming a craze his dms lit up with messages from all kinds of peers 21 savage messaged him, he tells me so did metro boomin and meek mill “they just saw a little white boy who could make some money,” matt says with a level of disillusionment that betrays his 14 years eventually he inked a lucrative deal with warner bros , but a month later, then ceo cameron strang resigned one of his managers, a 30-year-old philadelphia native named finesse, who cut his teeth in the business around the roots, worked to dissolve the deal so that they could sign a new one with motown records, which released matt’s first record late last year now he has the same publicist who worked with nirvana at sub pop during the grunge heyday the following month, he would be one of the featured performers at the xxxtentacion album-release party in miami as with many of the closest alliances formed in this era, the two had never met in person but consistently connected over facetime