The singer enjoyed her life with her husband, Clarence White, but it seems that Sail sometimes returns to social networks to make fun of the Queen and Clarence. Recently, everything has gotten heated after Clarence left his ex-girlfriend to the queen, and Sail has not missed the opportunity to say a few words: “LMAO is my son is almost more than that simplicity,” – wrote Sail about the picture of the queen, and Clarence he published in his story Instagram. They haven’t been together for many years, and they both had children from other people, but Chris Sail is still carrying his former Queen Naya. Candles probably do not feel protected when they leave. “Candles” is also shown in the video that Queen Claire Bear did not buy a Birkin bag, and that the queen gave her money to buy it. “I want the queen to be happy, and I want Clarence to be happy, but he doesn’t want to talk about it. And the queen is not innocent, no one is innocent in this situation. “Look at some articles below about the chaotic situation. After criticizing his relationship, Parus said: “He” just wants them to be happy. “I don’t want to go back to the queen,” he said. In the end, evil is bad and good is good. Catch me in my new hot hip-hop.

Queen Queen Naija