Quavo signs a six-digit contract with online retailer BoohooMan. Following in the footsteps of his cousin Cardi B, who previously worked with fashion chain Fashion Nova to create a successful collection, Quavo himself signed a clothing contract with British online store chain BoohooMan. Quavo and his colleagues at Migos have long been known for their fashion sewing options – remember they came into play with a song called “Versace” – but it looks like Quavo is ready to move from being an influencer to being a designer. From the miniatures you can see below, it looks like Quavo’s Swag is in fashion, with vibrant colors and batik colors, with its jewelry and rapper’s confidence probably not included. The Sun reports that Quavo registered on the website for an undisclosed amount of six digits to create 200 pieces, starting April 11. When Cardi launched its Fashion Nova line, the product was sold in a matter of minutes. We’ll see what happens when Quavo’s BoohooMan collection reaches the digital shelves next week. It’s a 90’s collection that attracts nostalgic audiences who grew up watching Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network, and Quavo said of the collection: “They captured the entire drop of water from my creations. Better buy the Swag Quavo if you want to be fashionable this summer. The pieces will cost between £3 and £50, or around $4 to $66 US.

Six-Figure Clothing