His fourth LP, Pretty Girls Like Trap Music, is a funhouse mirror look at his journey from grams to Grammys.

He also talked pretty girls, trap music and his lyrical obsession with Benihana.

Why don’t I come with something new sound-wise, vocal-wise, confidence-wise that appeals to both spectrums: The beginning of the title, Pretty Girls, and then something I’m a great author at, Trap Music? I’m looking forward to the feedback.

A trap rapper that was in the trap, that really dealt with that kind of activity.

In Pretty Girls you rap about being obsessed with the rice at Benihana, something you’ve mentioned multiple times over the years.

You rap in Pretty Girls the last item on your bucket list is doing a song with Jay Z.One of the bucket list items is to be on the Rolling Stone cover.

Pretty Girls Like Trap Music