Garrison Keillor gives a final wave before walking off the Hollywood Bowl stage.

LOS ANGELES – Garrison Keillor used his introduction to the showtune Friendship as a telling explanation for why he has devoted himself to the radio variety show A Prairie Home Companion for the past 42 years.

Keillor’s decades-spanning conversation came to an end as he hosted his final Prairie Home in front of a packed house of 18,000 fans for a show that aired Saturday.

“I was lucky to have the employment go on for 42 years, I never got fired, because I am the boss. And I had no regrets because of memory loss,” Keillor sang.

Keillor will serve as a producer and is working on his memoirs as well as a movie screenplay.

He ended Friday’s taping with a stage full of performers singing Next Time I’m in Town with the line, “T’s one thing I promise you, that’s another rendezvous, next time I’m in town.” Keillor offered a simple wave of his hand and said, “Thank you, everybody, goodnight,” as he walked off stage.

For the final Amen refrain, Keillor lifted his hands silently and let the audience sing him off.

Garrison Keillor waves farewell from the Hollywood Bowl on July 1, 2016.

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