Music Crowns is a global platform for opening up music artists, a point of contact for the world’s best unsigned, independent and newly signed music artists. It’s one of the first songs I’ve written where my lyrics were transparent and direct, making me feel more vulnerable in a certain sense, but more connected to the song,” TOYGIRL a five-piece Dublin band, shares a collection of high-pop songs and R&B animation on their latest album, Poison. The instantly recognizable TOYGIRL brand certainly sets them apart, and their latest offering is an example of their delightful talent to consider. With over 250,000 food items collected at Spotify, TOYGIRL is climbing the ladder of success. Its exceptional single is filled with dreamy synthesizers and unearthly voices that create a unique and silky sound. King Ryan is an independent artist from Hamilton, New Jersey. Is it Friday? Do you want new music? Well, we have this for you. The feeling that someone has taken your purest form and loves you unconditionally. “For me this song is about deep, platonic, romantic love. NEW JERSEY – Jan. MONTKLER, N.J. – Ten.

‘ Poison ’