Pixel. On Friday (March 22), veteran rapper Bust Down released a rehearsal song that points to Kodak’s earlier claims about the rapper’s onyx beating on his tour bus. The meat was put on line the weekend when Kodak recorded Instagram Live and told a story about a fight with Sticky on his tour bus and slapped Onyx’s rapper in the face. Kodak also mentioned that he didn’t like Sticky’s “old energy head” because “he really doesn’t like older people like these. “It seems to be a constant theme for the Florida rapper. Listen to Sticky Fingaz’s essay on Kodak Black, as well as Kodak’s original libestream detailing his encounter with rapper Onyx, below. “I killed the nigger in his shit,” Kodak said on Live. It’s not clear when this incident occurred or what led to the alleged fight, but Kodak has clearly indicated that he’s not a fan of the rapper. Sticky Fingaz has raised the bar in his conflict with Kodak Black. The full version is currently only available on Sticky’s website, but you can listen to a preview through his Instagram account. “I took your bag, okay. Sticky says they are completely fake. 2019 XXL Mag is part of The XXL Network, Townsquare Media, Inc. I said man, what the hell? So he escaped. He had a gun in there, man. When I tried to shoot that nigger, his gun was fake. Then I ran into that bitch. All rights reserved. I threw it in the trash.