Branch Rashad, the legendary actress who played Claire Huxtable recently talked to Bustle about Cosby’s argument and was asked about her thoughts about people who avoided the Cosby show. The couple took the audience on a weekly family adventure with their son, and although the Cosby Show has since become a popular classic, it has also become controversial. The charges against Bill Cosby have multiplied in recent years, and today the disgraced 83-year-old icon is serving three to ten years for indecent assault. And then people say,O. This interview sparked a debate in the media, as some expressed frustration withtheir’ defense of Cosby, while others agreed withtheir’ position. Cosby’s wife in a comedy comparedhis’ fight with Zora Neil Hirston, whose legacy was tarnished by distortion of facts. And this has happened before. “She named the famous writer Zora Neil Hirston, who, according to Rashad, died “poor” because a “vindictive” neighbor accused Hirston in the attack on the his ten-year-old son. For eight years, Cliff and Claire Huxtable were adoptive parents of all Cosby Show fans. Cosby’s family comedy has so far refrained from discussing the charges against the show’s father, which Bill Cosby furiously denies until today. It wasn’t true, because Hirston wasn’t even in the country at the time, but newspaper leaks have destroyed Hirston’s reputation. “We need to take another look at some of the charges againstthe ones’ that don’t make sense,” Rashad added. The Internet gave a very strong voice to many anonymous people. They are,” he continued, “and so I know what I know and stick to what I know. v And one day it will happen differently, as it usually happens. “I don’t accept what someone says because they say it and they say it out loud. “I don’t know why anyone would feel this way,” Rashad said.

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