Looks like Paulina Gretzky’s back nine at the U.S. Open was just as good as her fiance’s.

Hockey legend Wayne Gretzky’s daughter – and her back side – were hard to miss as one Fox Sports cameraman followed the model and Dustin Johnson into the Oakmont Country Club clubhouse following Johnson’s first major triumph.

Paulina, in a tight white dress, attempted to pull her dress down as she walked up the clubhouse steps alongside her U.S. Open champion fiancé and one-year-old son, Tatum.

Since every golf broadcast includes a shot of the winner heading off to sign his scorecard, it’s unlikely the cameraman was trying to disrespect the Great One’s daughter.

“Congrats to the US Open cameraman assigned to follow Paulina Gretzky’s ass all the way up to the winner’s podium,” author Chris Illuminati tweeted.

Another wrote: “The cameraman who flowed Paulina Gretzky up those stairs is the real champion,” another user tweeted.

Dustin Johnson overcomes rules controversy to win U.S. Open.

Others were not happy about the overly gratuitous camerawork.

“The cameraman who followed Paulina Gretzky up those stairs is a pig. He’s the real reason men’s balls are moving back home” said another Twitter user, making reference to the controversy on the 5th hole that eventually cost Johnson a penalty stroke.

Paulina Gretzky