Paula Einbender, 66: Joni Mitchell‘s “Circle Play”: Songs of Memory Paula began a family tradition of singing with her, a tradition that kept her connected to her family in her last days. I believe the music and watching her grandchildren recognize the songs she loved brought her comfort and peace. My mother, Paula Einbender, loved musicals and folk music. We would go through page after page of the Rise Up Singing folk songbook and spend hours playing and performing songs that she knew by heart. “Circle Game” by Joni Mitchell was a song my mother used to sing to my sister and me when we were little. Memory Songs We Just Survived 500,000 Victims of Covids 19. Singing for hours every day through tears and laughter certainly helped us, but it also helped my mother, who, with no visitors or social contacts to anchor her, drifted farther and farther away each day. Her love of music and singing would live on in her grandchildren, giving her the comfort of knowing. When she began to fall and was taken to the hospital for observation, she could not support the video equipment, but the wonderful nursing staff helped her. The songs she was most interested in were important in her life. NPR remembers some of those who lost their lives listening to their favorite music and hearing their stories. She was alone in her room for the last 84 days of her life, and her symptoms, such as hallucinations, became increasingly disturbing.

Paula Einbender Singing