Discussing the financial consequences of the boycott, Beverly would be angry and would not let her say, “I’ll pay you your salary. “The report shows that players like Donnis Haslem and Chris Paul seemed to be against it when they were told not to disrespect. Ivica Zubac and Emir Coffey deny that Patrick Beverly did not respect Michel Roberts. According to Chris Haynes of Yahoo! Sports, Beverly was rude to Michelle Roberts, CEO of NBPA. Clippers such as Amir Coffey and Ivica Zubac wrote that the exchange never really took place and that the liar lied. This morning it was reported that Patrick Beverly was not respected in the middle of the strike by the NBPA players. Fans immediately learned of the situation and implied that it was Chris Paul or Lebron Jacob who was to blame. Not to mention the fact that the Clippers’ players had to go to defend their teammate. It is important to note that Haynes is one of the most respected and complete reporters in the NBA, so it would be a mistake to discredit his sources. Now the only people who know what happened in this room are the players themselves. In any case, it seems that this whole situation has many aspects. Tell me about the hip-hop news. Kevin C.

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