The Pirates of the Caribbean actor, who has been dating Katy Perry since hitting it off at the Golden Globes back in January, was spotted getting extra snuggly with Selena Gomez at Light nightclub in Las Vegas on Saturday, May 7, and the internet is freaking the F out.

The fact that Gomez is BFFs with the “Roar” singer’s nemesis Taylor Swift didn’t help calm the frenzy either.

Although an eyewitness told Us Weekly that “Selena was just trying to have a good time with her friends” and that “Orlando was all over her,” the duo’s complicated relationship dates back to 2012, when Gomez’s ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber reportedly flirted up a storm with Bloom’s then-wife Miranda Kerr.

The following year in July 2014, Bloom and Bieber got into an altercation at hot spot Cipriani in Ibiza.

As previously reported, Bieber attempted to say hello to Bloom, who failed to acknowledge him, prompting the “Sorry” singer to snipe: “Tell Miranda ‘What’s up.'”.

Bieber then allegedly ducked Bloom’s punch, and the following day, the “Love Yourself” singer posted a meme on Instagram of Bloom crying.

Orlando Bloom