one of my underground ogs in l a told me something in ’05, ’06 people were sitting at his feet and learning game or whatever, and he said: “you’ll never really be able to make money off of rap until you can give all of your time to it ” and me, i’m sitting there as a person who has a college degree, who was teaching at the time i’m making like $35k a year, which is certainly not rich, but that’s a steady paycheck i wasn’t trying to hear that shit i’m supposed to quit the $35k a year gig and just start at zero?! but what i learned is that it was true you have to be able to take advantage of the money-making opportunities to make the money you can’t really do that if you can’t ever leave town, if you’ve gotta be up super early doing something else a lot of this business happens on the road, a lot of it happens overnight, and that’s where the money comes in you really can’t take advantage of that if you’re still beholden to something else on that same level

Open Mike Eagle