Just when you think that press reports about Louis Tomlinson cannot get any more ridiculous, along comes something to surprise you.

As we approached the new year, Tomlinson fans waited eagerly for the emergence of the customary “Kiss” photograph.

Many of Louis’ fans expected that the photograph would emerge on New Year’s Eve after Tomlinson and Campbell were caught unawares by a paparazzi photographer.

Tomlinson’s fans had to wait a couple of days, and rather than a paparazzi photograph, we saw a snap of Louis and Danielle kissing taken by a fan.

While the Inquisitr reported that Tomlinson was making a huge difference to the families of children with terminal illnesses, some sections of the media preferred to accuse Louis of leaving Briana Jungwirth to assemble IKEA furniture on her own.

From drunk, womanizer, and deadbeat dad, we see the emergence of Tomlinson, the loved up “Ordinary guy.” The Daily Mail reports that “Loved up” Louis visited a grocery store with Danielle.

The Latin Post goes even further by claiming that Tomlinson and Campbell “Flaunted their romance” by going grocery shopping.

If past “Winter girlfriend” stories are any guide, we should see the end of the Tomlinson and Campbell romance in the next few weeks.

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