Ernie McCon and her team reintroduce the melody and create another potentially modern hymn of the soul. The more classic “One Million Cools to enjoy to enjoy. Soul and Jazz and Funk is an independent soul news and review website compiled by Charles Waring and Bill Buckley, two of Britain’s most experienced and respected soul writers. It has the magnificent voice of Matthew Winchester and defines the classic sound of the Cool Million as “retro with a modern twist”. Keep On” is one of the strongest songs on the 2019 COOL MILLION album “Stronger”. Contact us, we offer very competitive prices for your ad on our website. Today, in a modern tradition, the track is topped by a Boogie Back-Crew remix. When you request an account, you can comment on all your favorite content in SJF. And for those who love such things, instrumental mix is also available. The requests are processed manually.