The trial’s verdict was read on October 3, 1995 – 20 years ago.

When the verdict was announced, I didn’t feel anything necessarily emotionally.

Raghu Manavalan – Radio producer, la, CA. I used to be in the third grade when I learned about the OJ Simpson verdict coming through.

We were talking about it after the verdict came through: who decided innocent? Who decided not innocent? I went to elementary school.

Laurie Strong – Retired Los Angeles city worker, Las Vegas, NV. I was serving on jury duty waiting to be called for a jury, as soon as I heard the OJ Simpson verdict.

When the trial came to an end and also the verdict was read, t have been all types of emotions that surfaced within that jury room.

in case you see the video of me now, when OJ play that verdict back, and they reveal OJ and Johnnie Cochran and him sort of resting his head on his shoulder.

I didn’t learn how to take that verdict, one way or the other.

OJ Simpson