Firstly, none of the 28 tracks are what we would call “new”; secondly, the core of the collection, the first 14 selections, occupy a very important place in Motown’s history in the UK at the time. Yes, even the iconic “Heat Wave”. Help us celebrate the joy of Motown by using our “One To Watch” video box with Martha and the girls playing “Heatwave”. If you are watching “Sound Of R&B Hits” on the American coast, Motown fans will be surprised by the many videos. In 1961, he released the first American compilation of Motown, “Tamla Special”, and then “Motown Special” in62, w the sound of Motown became very popular among fashionists and, equally important, many bands and British singers who were approaching, also took over the sound and made versions of Motown songs on CD and live. Soul and Jazz and Funk is an independent information and review website on soul compiled by Charles Waring and Bill Buckley, two of the most experienced and respected British soul writers. Taking into account the Rolling Stones, the campaign, the glory of Georgia and many other factors, it is not difficult to notice that t is a growing demand for Motown Magic among consumers. However, this new album “The Sound Of R&B Hits” is a bit different. It is interesting to note that both collections have recently been repackaged and reissued as “twofer” by Jasmine Records, which is highly appreciated by our feedback archives. Berry Gordy was a big fan of this compilation, which served as a showcase for his material, but t is nothing wrong with Ace compilers! To complete this release, they added 14 more songs from the same period.

B Hits