M. According to Cuomo, virology experts have reviewed data on infections and hospitalizations and have authorized the reopening of hospitals in the north, the Finger Lakes region the New York center, the Mohawk Valley and the south tier for the second phase. District officials learned during a 7 p.m. phone interview that state appointed health experts must approve the next phase of reopening, but it is unclear when that will happen, said Anthony Picente, District Executive Director of Oneida County. “These are companies that have spent a lot of money preparing for reopening and were last-minute informed that other criteria are being reviewed or that other experts are reviewing data – we didn’t know,” said Oneida County Executive Director. While some companies postponed their plans to reopen, others opened as planned before the government gave its consent, Pisente said by phone on Friday, adding that he told them he wouldn’t do anything to stop them. New York City is scheduled to reopen June 8, with the state gradually easing restrictions imposed during the new coronavirus crisis. The announcement to reopen followed a day of confusion, as companies from different parts of the state were due to open on Friday, and at the end of Thursday they were informed that it was impossible. Also on Friday in Cuomo, most of New York State reopened its halls, shops and offices according to strict rules. The guidelines for companies entering the second phase require hairdressers and hairdressers to be tested every two weeks and restrict hair care – without facial treatments, manicures and massages. The city will provide 2 million masks for businesses, as well as training and a direct line for workers,” he said, “but residents who are still uncomfortable using the subway may have to improvise. In the first phase of production resumption, manufacturers will be able to take their workers home and allow shop owners to work on the sidewalk with just one van. Mayor Bill de Blacio said that the first phase of reopening will employ 400,000 people. Cuomo said the city will carry out its hospitalization and testing costs, “store” personal protective equipment and focus on the level of infection in the hot spots of the postal code, Annette Knapp, owner of the Bellezza Syracuse showroom, registered eight customers on Friday, the first at 9.15 a.m., but canceled them before further notice, fearing it would jeopardize her operator license. New York is the only area in the state that has not yet lifted its restrictions. Times Square is mostly empty, as most of the city is free of cars and pedestrians for fear of coronavirus spreading in New York City on March 22, 2020. Companies often use public transportation to get their employees to work in a city w less than half the houses have cars.

NYC Eyes June Reopening