New photos of Glover have been taken, and he draws a look he that he has never shown publicly before: he has a thick beard that looks like a bleached blonde. In any case, he is another example of Glover’s innovative spirit in various media, whether it’s music, television, film or beard. He posed with his brother Stephen Glover, who writes about Glover’s FX Atlanta series, and Göransson for the photos, and showed his new style in all the photos. T is also at least one fan who has a theory about the reasoning behind unconventional facial hair and says it might have to do with his role as Simba in the next remake of the lion king. Ludwig Göransson, a frequent contributor to Glover, organized a pre-programming party in Los Angeles last night, and Glover was t to show off his new look. It’s known that he makes his hair grow bigger, or that he sometimes makes his beard thicker than usual.

Bushy Blond Glover