Sydney Lopez, the 20-something creative with a penchant for oversized tops and wide-leg pants, is responsible for establishing Noah Cyrus’ fresh style and accentuating Courtney Love’s “Feminine but strong” swagger.

After cutting her teeth for five years as an assistant to esteemed celebrity stylist Tara Swennen – who styles Kristen Stewart – Lopez branched off on her own when Love became her full-time personal client.

“We had a meeting and fell in love with each other,” says Lopez, who dressed Love in a custom Marc Jacobs black gown for the Met Gala.

Noah loves big menswear style jackets that she can wear over an outfit or slouched over her shoulders.

She’s worn Prada, Fendi and Miu Miu in editorial, and I love how it looks on her, so I would love to get her on the red carpet in those brands.

A lot of those designers cater to youth and making girls her age look cool, which I love.

Even Katy Perry came in to visit before the red carpet, and she said, “Those look like little sushi emojis all over your dress. You look so cute,” and was just loving on her and the dress.

Particularly with a young girl like Noah, I love having her in color to make everything brighter and more fun, when it’s appropriate.

Noah Cyrus