Nike’s Best Sneaker Collabs: From Virgil Abloh to Wu-Tang Clan. Models like Nike Cortez, Air Max 1, Air Max 1, Air Max 1, Air Jordan and even the VaporMax have changed people’s perception of shoes. Thanks to this historically significant Jordan 1 color mixture, sneakerheads couldn’t help but look closely at the shoe when it went on sale in December 2014. Anyway, this shoe is one of the most coveted Nike self-service shoes, and can cost up to $3,000 depending on its size. When Nike announced that it was working with Virgil Abloh, founder and collaborator of Kanye West, the world of athletic footwear declared a state of emergency. Dunk Low turquoise, black and silver quickly became one of the most fashionable shoes in the history of Nike SB. With their brown suede, white mesh and red Nike swoosh, these boots stand out from your feet in a way that makes you look like an astronaut exploring the red planet for the first time. They made other collaborations with Nike SB, but couldn’t understand the success of the original version. Last October, Method Man explained how sad it was that Nike hadn’t put the shoe back on, especially since Flight Club currently sells a pair for $15,000. The shoes are available in gray leather and suede, with red accents on the sole and wrist, and a white Nike swoosh. Inspired by New York pigeons, Jeff Staple’s proper nickname, Pigeon Dunk, is by far one of the most popular Nike Collabs of all time. In 1999, the greatest rap band of all time, the Wu-Tang Clan, joined Nike to form an epic collaboration with Dunk High. Over the years, Nike has used the fashionable nature of its shoes by partnering with other brands and designers. With overlaps similar to the Jordan 3 and a black and turquoise color scheme, this shoe is by far one of the best Air Max 1 colors of all time. The first collaboration on our list was so good that Nike and Atmos felt the need to relaunch it to commemorate the tenth anniversary. Well, the Air Jordan 1 fragment is by far one of the most sought-after versions of the shoe, which says a lot when you think about the historical history of this shoe. It gave basketball a military aesthetic that no one had ever seen before in a Jordanian shoe. While Japanese retailer Atmos and Nike have joined in many other animal-related Air Maxes, the printed version of Elephant seems to stand out from the rest. This is by far one of the best collaborations between Supreme and Nike, simply because of the controversy surrounding liberation. Although hybrid shoes don’t usually work well, the material on the top of Wotherspoon’s rainbow made this shoe a unique model that immediately caught the attention of the heads of sneakers. The shoe first encountered the Complex Con in November 2017 and finally came out higher in March 2018. The fact that Supreme has decided to try such a unique twist on a legendary basketball shoe makes it one of the best collaborations of all time, regardless of brand. Abloh is known for its unique design philosophies, and many didn’t know how to transfer its whitish aesthetics to Nike classics. In 2017, second round founder Sean Wotherspoon won the Nike Vote Forward contest after developing the Nike Air Max 1/97. These collaborations have allowed us to develop new ideas and new colors for Nike’s established lines. After its first launch in 2012, Sachs took the time to rethink the materials of the first model and developed a new improved version for 2017, when Nike SB’s had no official release dates. Virgil and Nike are still working together and it’s no wonder that their collaborator is one of the best in Nike’s history. The shoes are available in the characteristic yellow-black color of the Wu-Tang Clan; black leather is on the toe and side panels, while the yellow leather covers make up the rest. Nike has been an innovator in the field of sneakers for decades. Seven years later, the brand changed its name to Nike and founded an empire.

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