The news has undoubtedly shaken the YouTube community, but scandal is certainly nothing new for the video streaming platform.

Let’s take a look back at some of the biggest YouTube stars’ controversies in the past…. Nicole Arbour’s “Dear Fat People:” The YouTuber faced controversy after she posted a nearly six-minute long video in which she bashed people who are overweight and poked fun at the positive body image movements.

PewDiePie Series Canceled After Featuring Anti-Semitic Messages: Swedish gaming vlogger Felix Kjellberg has gained over 55 million subscribers with his videos of gaming reactions and cultural commentary.

He came under fire after a Wall Street Journal investigation into his YouTube channel found a total of nine videos posted since August 2016 that featured Nazi imagery and anti-Semitic messages.

Upon realizing the mistake, the video was taken down, and Keem released an apology video accepting full responsibility for releasing false information.

This particular video sparked such concern that fans were convinced that she was involved in a trap set up by ISIS and had been kidnapped against her will to make more videos.

Nicole Arbour