Santoro’s YouTube video, which was originally set to private after he ended the relationship around September of last year, was accidentally made public recently.

Santoro is right – domestic violence knows no gender, and I give him a tremendous amount of credit for speaking out and empowering all victims to say something if they’ve had similar experiences.

Although Santoro did not name the woman in question, it’s been well documented that he dated Nicole Arbour, who’s another YouTuber.

Arbour responded to Santoro in a comment on her latest YouTube post by writing, “Heard the little bitch I dumped months ago is still trying to use me to get attention on his vlog channel. Ew.”.

Arbour later uploaded her own YouTube response to Santoro, but opted to disable comments and the like/dislike feature.

Her video denies any wrongdoing, and even goes so far as to accuse Santoro of going against her wishes of keeping their private life out of YouTube videos.

Santoro made an impact by sharing his story, and hopefully it will convince all victims, both male and female, to report abuse as soon as they experience it.

Nicole Arbour