On website banners, pop-up widgets, blog posts and videos, Web companies said that could only be accomplished by keeping tough net neutrality rules for online traffic in place in the face of a push by Republicans and Internet service providers to dismantle them.

Net neutrality supporters said the “Day of action” was the first major salvo of what they promised would be a long battle involving the Federal Communications Commission, the courts and possible congressional legislation over the fate of the controversial rules.

The senators had written to him on Friday to make sure that the FCC was prepared for the thousands of comments expected to be generated by the online net neutrality rally.

Some websites involved with the rally displayed widgets showing the “Spinning wheel of death” to indicate that broadband providers could slow some content if the net neutrality rules are repealed.

“Without net neutrality, Internet service providers could create special fast lanes for content providers willing to pay more. That means slow streaming, slow social networking and, yes, slow porn,” said women identified as porn stars in one of two net neutrality videos at the top of the Funny or Die comedy site.

Including AT&T, have urged Congress to pass bipartisan legislation with net neutrality protections so the rules won’t be subject to change each time the FCC’s majority switches parties.

“Every time we have an election, were’ going to have a reconstitution of the net neutrality fight just like we’re having today,” said Bob Quinn, AT&T’s senior executive vice president of external and legislative affairs.

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