The AMC zombie drama has teed up next week’s 90-minute season finale – titled “Last Day on Earth” – and a new teaser for the April 3 season finale offers a glimpse at what to expect.

A second clip offers an even closer look at Negan – and Lucille.

While we don’t see the troublemaker’s face, he’s got black boots and is sporting black pants – which could hint that it’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s long-awaited Negan.

While the drama also may have offered a massive Easter egg about the way in which Glenn dies in the comics back in the season five premiere, showrunner Scott M. Gimple tends to take a “Remix” approach to the source material and it’s unclear if he’ll take a scene-for-scene take on Negan’s deadly entrance.

It serves as the first encounter between Rick and Negan after multiple run-ins between the two communities – including Eugene’s privates-biting moment with Dwight.

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