Of course, the cast also includes several Broadway attractions, including Ben Cook, Paloma García-Lee, Eloise Kropp, Jess LeProtto, Jonalyn Saxer, Yesenia Ayala and David, and Jacob Guzmán. DeBoses’ stellar touch comes at a time when the real triple threats have become a rarer race on Broadway, with shows that favour dancers and singers. David Aviles Morales, Yesenia Ayala, María Alejandra Castillo, Annelise Cepero, Andrei Chagas, Jeanette Delgado, Kelvin Delgado, Gaby Diaz, Yurel Echezarreta, Adriel Flete, Carlos E. He now plays Anita in the remake of the legendary West Side Story by Steven Spielberg, which begins this year. A brilliant group of dancers, including Jeanette Delgado, Breton Pollock, Harrison Coll, Sara and Leigh-Ann Esty, perform in Jet and Shark. Imagine a group of dancers in colourful skirts, embroidered jackets and hats and sea legs opening a syncopated rhythm like a lively musical game. Perhaps the bravest name is Maddie Ziegler, who, like Myles Erlick’s other commercial dancers, will play a jet. Gonzalez, David Guzman, Jacob Guzman, Ana Isabelle, Melody Marti, Ilda Mason, Juliette Feliciano Ortiz, Edriz E. Mike Faist, a Broadway vet with roots in Newsies, and Evan Hansen will become Jets Riff Leader. It’s folkloric, a dance style with the same complexity, variety and history as Mexico itself. Maddie Ziegler will play one of the jets. Maddie Ziegler will play one of the jets. Some crazy years for the dancer, singer and actress Ariana DeBose. But the versatile DeBose has always resisted categorization and “her” “versatility” has proved to be the key to “her” “success”. Women fold their skirts and roll them like waves when they see them and step on them. That’s why. I chose university rather than a career as a dancer. Folkloric refers to many traditional dances from different regions and states of Mexico, not just one style, and several books can be filled with the details of each dance. However, if you are interested in an immersion in folklore, t are some basic principles that you should know about. .

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