Larry Nassar’s court defeat is a win for survivors like me.

Larry Nassar, the disgraced doctor of the US Olympic Gymnastics team, has been sentenced to a whopping 175 years in prison for molesting 168 young female gymnasts.

After months enduring a cyclical, traumatic and for the most part disheartening “Debate” around the Harvey Weinstein allegations and the subsequent #MeToo movement, Nassar’s resounding defeat in court feels like the first real win for survivors of harassment, abuse and assault.

Nassar, who is already serving a 60-year sentence in federal prison for a child pornography charge, pleaded guilty to seven counts of first-degree sex assault.

Yes, the Larry Nassar case is an extraordinary one: high-volume and high-profile story of an infamous predator whom many people wanted to see served his just desserts.

Together, we’re counting the Nassar defeat as a universal victory: for belief in women, for surviving and healing from the trauma of sexual violence, and for the chance that justice can be brought against the male perpetrators of sexual violence who, for too long, have remained protected and enabled by an indifferent community.