“Mrs. Reagan will be buried at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California, next to her husband, Ronald Wilson Reagan, who died on June 5, 2004. Prior to the funeral service, t will be an opportunity for members of the public to pay their respects at the library,” Drake said in a statement.

Former first lady Barbara Bush, whose husband George H.W. Bush succeeded Ronald Reagan as president, said, “Nancy Reagan was totally devoted to President Reagan, and we take comfort that they will be reunited once more.

A fierce protectorAs first lady during Ronald Reagan’s eight years in the White House, Nancy Reagan was known as the “Just say no” spokeswoman of anti-drug campaigns and as a fierce protector of her husband, both personally and politically.

When Ronald Reagan was shot in a 1981 assassination attempt, Nancy Reagan never left the hospital w the president was treated until he was released, according to her press secretary, Sheila Tate.After she and her husband left Washington, she became his protector again as he struggled with Alzheimer’s disease until his death in 2004.

“While the right in America celebrates him almost like a patron Saint Ronald Reagan, Nancy Reagan is the one that said my husband represented all of the American people, not just Republicans.”

Nancy Reagan is survived by Patti Davis and Ron Reagan – her two children with Ronald Reagan – and Michael Reagan, a son from Ronald Reagan’s first marriage to Jane Wyman.

Nancy Regan