As of the time of the writing, Voat is going offline intermittently because of the reportedly heavy traffic of Reddit users migrating.

Much like Reddit’s subreddits, Voat has subverses w people with similar interests socialize and share links.

The site had a rocky beginning with multiple DDoS attacks, it being dropped by its web host and Paypal suspending the ability for users to donate as a result of poetry that is questionable and politically incorrect content.

To reward users using a portion of Voat ad-sales earnings in line with the grade of the content they submit to Voat; To let users give their gains To let users donate their gains to other Voat users.

According with their Partner Program page, the Voat team asserts that the motive behind a reward-based system will be to “Encourage creation of original content by rewarding people who take their time to write comments and vote, we desire to encourage quality of said opinions.”

The Voat team has confirmed that they want to work with digital money as the primary payment way of its users, while t’s a possibility of using traditional payment methods.

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