Faulty Clicks is a producer from London and although not directly related to Receiver his work with other artists speaks for itself. A certified monster in the game! The ghost has been with Receptor since its creation and is an absolute legend to “him”. I have also worked closely with Ghost and Barebeats to fully plan the next two solo follow-up projects. Apart from that, I made sure everything was ready for the re-release of Receptor Records. I encouraged many people around me to find a creative spark whenever possible and to use this unique time to create truly unique art. I appreciate this recognition, and yes, I really wanted to work with some of the producers and good friends I’ve had over the years. I’ve been involved in hip-hop culture since I was a teenager. Basically, I’ve been a music lover since I was a kid. I’ve been inspired by so many genres all over the world and I’ve been digging in the clubs for many years. Away from hip-hop, I’ve always kept artists like Portishead, Wunderkind, massive attack, rehearsal oases. In terms of hip-hop culture directly, I’d like to say that at first I’m a big fan and I’m inspired almost daily by discovering new artists. He produced Mr. S-and-n and he’s been making me beat for years. We have combined Mentalz, Tom Ryan and a King Latts solo project, which will be completed later this year. To be honest, in dark times, it was a healing power that I can’t replace. My first two tapes were recorded live by BDP and are the most sought after in America, and I think you can still hear the influence of those two albums on my music now. The Eternal Blows, aka markie4eyez, aka IBC Grand master, is an old man that I have admired since high school. Half of my family comes from an Irish Catholic family and the other half is a Turkish Muslim, but neither religion accepted me as my elders did.

Mr Synback Speaks