Jennifer Lawrence is overwhelmed by husband Javier Bardem and a crazy assortment of houseguests in “Mother!”.

Jennifer Lawrence is pushed to extremes in “Mother!” a harrowing and potentially inscrutable descent into madness that keeps getting crazier every time you think it can’t.

“Pi,” his first film, ended with its lead character drilling a hole in his skull, and that was a treat compared to how things ended for his characters in “Requiem for a Dream.” Still, “Mother!” is dealing in something else entirely, and it’s his most abstract work to date.

Lawrence stars as an unnamed character referred to in the credits as Mother – no exclamation point – who lives with her poet husband, known only as Him.

Mother works to restore it to its pristine original state and tries her best to keep Him happy, fostering an environment w he can write and be creative.

“You’ve been working so hard,” Mother tells Him kindly, which he sloughs off.

What is going on ? It’s clear that “Mother!” is working on some sort of a fantasy/ head trip level – Mother regularly downs some sort of yellow substance meant to calm her but which may induce hallucinations – and it’s dealing with themes of parental fears, the precariousness of the creative process and the balance of power within a relationship.