We’re creeping ever closer to Twin Peaks’ May 21 return, and while we still don’t actually know anything about what the show is going to be, we at least are getting a better sense of what it will feel like.

That feeling is spooky, and the teaser released Thursday is the most revealing and the spookiest.

Angelo Badalamenti’s iconic string score is absent from all of the teasers released so far, replaced with a harsh electronic pulse.

None of the original’s offbeat humor is evident – which could be because this teaser contains the first lines of dialogue we’ve heard so far.

One of those lines? “Albert,” spoken by Gordon Cole to Albert Rosenfield.

Ferrer died in January, but he was able to complete his scenes for the revival.

The teaser also offers our first glimpses of old friends like Andy, Lucy and the Bang Bang Bar, as well as some new faces.

Miguel Ferrer